Thursday, July 31, 2014

Spectrum Live III

Some shots from this years Spectrum Fantastic Art Live III.  Had such a great time and so glad we doubled up the booth.  We're already planning for next year!

Dominick Saponaro & Christina Hess Spectrum Live
Joined booths this year!  Christina & I right before the doors opened.

Dominick Saponaro Spectrum Live
The back wall of my booth with banner and postcard take aways.

Dominick Saponaro Spectrum Live
The two interior walls.  Basically my portfolio framed and hung with postcard take aways and prints for sale.

Christina Hess Spectrum Live
Christina Hess next to her Animals from History banner.

Dominick Saponaro/Christina Hess Spectrum Live
Taking a break on Christina's side.  Note the blank spaces...  Hess sold a ton of originals!

Dominick Saponaro at Spectrum Live in front of Destroyermen I Painting
Next to my Destroyermen Painting.

Dominick Saponaro Spectrum Live Print Wall
My print wall and Destroyermen III banner.

Dominick Saponaro Spectrum Live Booth
Trying to play it cool!  Another shot of me in my booth.

And finally...  The real reason we drive over 18 hours to Kansas City MO.  Seriously.  The best BBQ on the planet.  Yes it is in KANSAS CITY and it's called OKLAHOMA Joe's!

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Broad & Walnut Pop up Gallery Show

Dominick Saponaro & Christina Hess Broad & Walnut Philadelphia Gallery Show

Christina and I will have work on display until August 15th at a center city pop up gallery on the corner of Broad and Walnut Streets in Philadelphia. There's a nice little write up about the exhibition over at Philadelphia Weekly's Philly Now website. Check it out and if your in the area stop on in and have a look!

Update (August 22):  I just received word today that the show has been extended!  I wasn't given a definitive end date but was told it will run well into the Fall.  So if you haven't had the chance...  head on over and check it out.

Update (October 11):  The exhibition is still running!