Wednesday, October 15, 2014

George Lucas Museum of Narrative Art

Swashbuckle Dom by Dominick Saponaro Featured on the George Lucas Museum of Narrative Art Website.

As I am sure is the case with many artists and genre illustrators of my generation the work of George Lucas such as Star Wars and Indiana Jones has had a profound impact on my life and a substantial influence on my art.

So, As you can imagine, when I received the following message…

"Mr. Lucas saw your piece 'Swashbuckle Dom' in the publication EXPOSÉ 10, and thought it would be an excellent example of digital illustration to showcase..."

I was stunned to say the least.

It was an email from the manager of the Lucas Research Library at Lucasfilm's Skywalker Ranch requesting to use my painting “Swashbuckle Dom” on the Lucas Museum of Narrative Arts website.

The Lucas Museum of Narrative Art is a non-profit organization for arts and cinema education founded by George Lucas. The Museum is currently in its planning stages, and is proposed to open in Chicago in 2018. They are using the website as a way to inform the public about the Museum and kinds of work that will be showcased there.

The Lucas Museum of Narrative Art will feature artwork from the Golden Age of Illustration, landmark achievements in filmmaking and cinematic design, and groundbreaking digital art.

I am thrilled to be a part. Not only because a childhood hero and major influence took notice of my work but because of the actual museum itself. I have been following its development from the initial press release and the vision of collected works looks to be downright amazing. I can not wait for its opening and am thrilled to be associated with such an awesome mecca of historical illustration, cinema, and art!

You can check out my work in the featured Digital Art section here.

Friday, October 3, 2014

Society of Illustrators Opening Reception

Here are some shots from the Society of Illustrators Spectrum exhibit opening reception in New York last month.  It was an honor to be included and most definitely a career highlight.  Hopefully one of many to come!  Be sure to check out this show.  It runs until October 18th and is downright incredible.

You can check out my previous post on it here or head on over to the Society's info page here.

Dominick Saponaro Society of Illustrators Reception Destroyermen Painting
Top Left:  Winona Nelson  Bottom Left:  Kali Ciesemier  Middle Top:  Me  Middle Bottom: Goni Montes Right: Kinuko Craft
In good company.  It was certainly an honor to hang next to such amazing artists.

Dominick Saponaro and Matthew Kalamidas Society of Illustrators Reception
Art director Matthew Kalamidas and me in front of my painting.  This is the guy that really deserves the credit.  An awesome art director that knows how to get the best out of his artists!

Christina Hess and Irene Gallo Society of Illustrators Reception
The lovely Christina Hess and Irene Gallo of Tor Books.  Another amazing art director and chair of the exhibition.   
Dominick Saponaro and Greg Manchess Society of Illustrators Reception
Me and Greg Manchess. The hardest working AND nicest guy in illustration today!  Can't thank him enough.
Cathy Fenner of Spectrum & Kinuko Craft.  I've admired Kinuko's work since college so it was certainly an honor to have my painting hang next to hers. 
Angry Monkey.
Dominick Saponaro Society of Illustrators Reception Destroyermen Painting
A great night and definitely a highlight in my career.