Tuesday, August 12, 2014

U-Penn PSFS Lecture

Last Friday, August 8th the fine folks over at the Philadelphia Science Fiction Society were kind enough to invite me for a lecture/panel on my work, process, and current state of illustration today as it relates to the science fiction & fantasy genre in popular culture.

The lecture took place at U-Penn's historic International House on the main campus in the heart of University City.  Some very cool history on the location...

For more than a century, International House Philadelphia has served the scholars of the world and the Greater Philadelphia community by providing engaging residential services and compelling arts and humanities programming, welcoming hundreds of thousands of people through its doors in the process. What began here more than 100 years ago as a belief that international understanding, cooperation, and friendship can develop one person at a time, has emerged as a celebrated world-wide movement.
 Moving from the past and into the present, IHP is a thriving hub of activity: a home to hundreds of students and interns throughout the year, a destination for world-class arts and cultural programming, a facility for large-scale events, and a partner with many regional organizations, foundations, institutions, and businesses.

It was quite an eventful night with plenty of great discussion, interesting conversations, and fun had by all. The best part... even a few of my students and recent graduates showed up to hear me speak... Thanks for stopping by guys!

A packed house... I swear the woman in the front is wide awake, just leaning back to get comfortable!

Some of my students that showed up.  And in the middle of the Summer too!  So awesome.

Dominick Saponaro University of Pennsylvania Lecture
Opening slide.  My Time Roads cover for Tor Books.

I keep telling myself its lens distortion...  There is no way my melon is that big.  Also note the Awesome Manchess painting on my screen.  I believe I was discussing my modern influences here.  

And finally a shot from the back of the lecture hall.  To the far right... another dedicated student sacrificing their Friday night to show their support!

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